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If you want your self-published book to sell, a marketing agent is a must. You need to know who your target audience is  to maximize sales potential. Our  Marketing Consultants can assist you with marketing setup services that  best fits your personal goals, and marketing needs.

Get the word out about your book!

Call 1-216-288-9315 to speak with your personal marketing consultant who can help you pick the best marketing approach for your book.





Catch your readers’ attention through the powerful reach and scope of the media.


Utilize one of the most dynamic marketing platforms today—the Internet.


Create marketing fanfare for your book by animating it through a video.

We do our ghost writing services for a fee and we don't have to take any of the credit or copyrights for your own originals ideas.  We charge upfront to write or rewrite your work.  All of your work will be signed over to you as needed, and your ghost writer will not take any credit for it unless you decided to give us credit.

Our typical price for ghost writing your fiction or non-fiction book range from $5-25 USD per page for less than 200 pages $6,000-10,000 USD (often only $6,000!) to ghost write: a 100-300 page double-space , 12-pt Time New Roman front, five-space indented margins, no spacing between paragraphs book manuscript.  We can also charge you by word count and/or by the type of professional writing involved, such as academic work requiring APA formatting.  All ghost writing payments are to be made upfront in advance of preparation of the work in as many installments as necessary and within reason.  A minimum ghost writer payment for an ongoing book creation project or substantial editing project, for example, is $500 USD per month.  And we will work within your needed time frames, usually being able to create a ghost written book as outlined within one to six months.  In some cases, we may only charge $2,500-3,500 USD upfront, if you have written out your entire book and only need us to copy edit/light rewrite it, and we will also fully proof read it at no additional charge.  We will sign a contract with you stipulating all methods of time payments, scheduling, maintaining or ending our relationships, rights and responsibilities and other such factors.     

Author Website Setup 

We develop websites using  predesigned templates that enables our clients to achieve their interactivity goals and create the highest quality experience for site visitors. Greater Is He Publishing  can provide a broad range of site enhancements and add-ons, including: 


  • Photo Galleries

  • Videos galleries that sync with your You Tube channel

  • Custom features and functions tailored to your spec

  • We take all the guess work out of developing a well-branded, aesthetically pleasing website geared just for your audience.  Get started by contacting us today!



Any promotional material needed contact us for a quote.  Please see our Promotional Material page for more information. 

Looking for edits only!

Service 1 Basic Edits 50-150 pages 8.5 x11 MS File $650.00


Service 2 Detailed Edits 50-200 pages

8.5 x 11 MS File $1000.00


Service 3 Rewrite My Book

50-200 pages $3000.00

Service 4 Editorial Review 
Do I need Edits?

$150.00 We will review and edit  4-5 pages.


$50.00 Fee to find you the lowest printing  quote.  Contact us for details! 



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Editorial Services 
Promotional Material