Top tools and tips For Starting A Book

Top tools and tips For Starting A Book

  • A notebook or smartphone capable of taking notes is a must. Those little bon-mots you hear on the bus, note them down. Ditto details, facts, names. All are the bread and butter of your story.

  • Buy a copy of Scrivener – it is simply the best program for writing books in my opinion. It’s a steal at £25. The support is excellent, and there’s a thriving community of writers trading tips too.

  • Write every day, even if it’s rubbish. Most of writing is re-writing.

  • Find somewhere comfortable to work. I wrote most of my first book lying on a friend’s sofa. Now I have a bespoke studio in the garden, but if I really want to try and write, I still lie on my sofa. Another place I like to work is the Reading Room of the British Library, just because the atmosphere is so scholarly, it stops me from messing about.

  • Turn off Twitter, email and all that other distracting stuff until the book is completed.

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